Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – A Crash Course in Curing Erectile Dysfunction

There is a need for you to determine the nature of your erectile dysfunction. Knowing the cause of your dysfunction could certainly provide you with effective ways to treat it. Various causes surely warrant different modes of treatment. A diagnosis of your medical condition could only be provided by a certified physician. Do not rely on self diagnosis. This would only aggravate the condition that you are experiencing. Things would go smoothly if you seek consult from the doctor. They can surely explain the erectile dysfunction effectively. The doctor could provide alternative medical procedure, basing it on reliable data done through tests.

Erectile dysfunction can only be caused by two conditions, the physical and psychological. The former was caused from congenital anomalies or physical trauma. Congenital anomalies resulted from birth defects. The physical trauma in the other hand is caused by a force exerted from you penile area, which strained the nerves and ligaments of your sex organ.

The psychological part is caused by emotional condition that you are experiencing. The cause of which is unknown, unless you undergo psychiatric treatment. The psychiatrist would help you uncover your unresolved issues of your past experiences, which triggered the erectile dysfunction. Knowing the cause would provide the psychiatrist the important information, to find a treatment for your condition.

Erectile dysfunction has various treatment options. It could be corrected through medical surgeries. This is a very invasive procedure, which requires proper consultation before undergoing treatment. Make sure to weigh the risks before deciding to pursue the operation. You could also avail of other alternative procedures, which could lower the risk. One of which is the stretching method. There are many devices out there that can correct the positioning of your penis, to make it stand straight. Remember to follow instructions carefully. Read the manual before putting the device. It contains detailed information, such as the length of time usage. You could also other unconventional methods such as herbal treatments. This natural concoction will improve blood circulation in your body. This could eventually lead to cure erectile dysfunction. Not unless your problem pertains to nerve functions, which would certainly require surgery.

The psychological problem on the other hand, could not be cured by any medical or herbal supplements. The cause of the disorder is all in your head. The only person who can cure the condition is you. The treatment could only be successful if you are able to resolve any conflicts that you have. The emotional state that you are currently experiencing is something unique. No one could find the best way to cure the condition but you. Psychiatrists can only do so much. They can only give you the tools. How to use them is up to you.

When you think you are experiencing this kind of problem, do not be disheartened. There is indeed a hope for you. All you need is the right information, to cure the disorder. It is best to seek the consult of a medical professional.

HPV Treatment for Men

Men play a critical role in the transmission of HPV, and in order to decrease HPV exposure and the risk of cervical cancer in women, the problem of HPV infection in men must be addressed.

Gynecologists evaluate and treat female patients with abnormal Pap smears for genital warts, but the male partners of these women are frequently not informed or not advised to pursue treatment. Men are 50% of the problem, and if not treated can reinfect current partners and/or spread the infection to future previously uninfected partners. Any infection in the man can be self-contained more effectively if treated at an earlier stage of growth.

The Gardasil HPV vaccine was initially FDA approved for use in women in 2006, and more recently approved for use in men in 2009. This vaccine builds a logical base for the medical community to begin building a widespread educational push for male preventative measures that help guard against the spread of HPV.

There are many advantages to male vaccination. Men who are vaccinated are significantly less likely to get infected by HPV, and they will get the benefit and relief of avoiding medical and surgical treatment, the inconvenience of doctor visits, and the emotional trauma related to having this persistent and recurrent infection. Men who get vaccinated may also be able to avoid having embarrassing conversations with their partner(s).

Men who learn that they have an HPV infection should inform their partner (and vice versa) so that they have the opportunity to be evaluated by their physician.

Depersonalization Disorder And The Instinctual Trauma Response

Depersonalization is a state of mind that makes life seem unreal. In “depersonalization disorder” the feeling doesn’t just come and go as it does when smoking pot or when a person’s survival is suddenly threatened. When one’s normal self seems lost and the world forever changed that is part of a mental condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a misery that is poorly understood and has no generally accepted treatment. It is classified as one of the dissociative disorders that are treated by psychiatrists or mental health therapists.

In this condition a person may feel numb and half paralyzed, emotionally and physically. There may be a continuous out-of-body sensation or a feeling of living in a dream or a movie. The external world may seem strange or unreal. Often individuals with depersonalization disorder have great difficulty describing their experience and they are often afraid to even think about it because it makes them feel crazy. However, they do know their experience is only a feeling and they do not actually lose contact with reality. Many people who suffered silently found information and support from others on websites devoted to depersonalization disorder.

Many dissociative disorders and anxiety disorders (particularly panic disorder) give rise to the symptom of depersonalization. The symptom may never occur again after the person recovers from the primary disorder. When depersonalization occurs as the primary problem it seems more difficult to treat. Psychiatric medication does not seem to be a solution. When medication helps it does so only temporarily. The usual psychotherapy approaches have been nonspecific and long-term.

The Mount Sinai’s Brief Psychotherapy Program in New York has put together a multistep program that has been effective for certain individuals suffering from depersonalization disorder. The program includes education about the condition, cognitive correction techniques, grounding, and general behavioral techniques. This approach focuses on controlling the symptoms of the disorder. There is another brief treatment program that focuses instead on the cause of the disorder. The Intensive Trauma Therapy Inc. program >